Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable
  • Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable

Tooth Fairy Certificate Printables


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Editable Tooth Fairy Certificate Printables

Your brand is more than just colors, fonts and a logo. It’s an experience! Customize and print your very own tooth fairy certificate printables with your business name and information.

Edit for FREE in Canva, and print at home or professionally through Canva or another print service! With this template, you can always edit or print multiple times!

What this order includes:

► Editable and printable Canva certificate of completion template – 11″ x 8.5″ (A4 Paper)
► Video tutorial on how to edit the template.
► Change text & fonts easily and for FREE via drag and drop editor.

You can go to your local printing shop to have it printed out.

You will receive a link to your Canva template instantly upon purchase. You can edit this template on either your computer or your phone via Canva

Sign up for a FREE Canva account:

This template is completely editable – EDIT ALL TEXT & COLORS.


Your youngster has got a missing tooth and here comes the expected tooth fairy. Get captivated with these magical tooth fairy quotes and tag them with the tooth fairy certificate printables. The delightful rhymes about the desired gift-giving fairy will also appeal to your superstars. 

  • Allow the tooth fairy’s gift to fill your dreams as you sleep.
  • You’ve lost your tooth. It’s party time! The tooth fairy will not be late, so don’t be anxious.
  • You don’t have to see the tooth fairy to believe in it.
  • Your grin is a touch crooked. The tooth fairy is on her way to bring you a small gift to cheer you up.
  • Have a huge grin. Tonight is the tooth fairy’s arrival.
  • You’ll find a wish underneath your pillow with a sprinkle of fairy dust and a little shine. 
  • A wisdom tooth is a mystical tooth fairy’s favourite thing to acquire.

Smiley Tooth Fairy Quotes

When it’s time for the tooth fairy to arrive, smiles are a little toothless. The sight of a new grin always makes a mother or father happy. The loss of a first tooth is equally exciting for the child. Now is the moment to savour the happiness. These smiley tooth fairy quotes wrapped up with the tooth fairy certificate printables make your child feel magical.

  • Sparking up the charm one tooth after another.
  • A tooth fairy loves nothing more than a gummy grin.
  • Baby teeth are a wonder to behold.
  • Toothless youngsters have fairies fill their pouches.
  • A sweet tooth gets a delicious treat reward from the tooth fairy.
  • The tooth fairy gets his hands full a lot. Don’t forget to tell your parents to place a reminder.
  • At one worthless tooth after another, money flows in.
  • Enchanting freshness springs forth from the tooth fairy’s wishes and gifts.

Hurry to purchase our magical tooth fairy certificate printables for your loved ones!

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