Consistent and superior customer service rarely occurs by accident. As more businesses, move their operations online because of COVID-19 companies must recognize the need to serve customers better. 

This curriculum uses different real-life scenarios to teach ways to tackle online customer issues effectively. Participants will be exposed to various aspects of Virtual Customer Service, including telephone and interview skills along with email and chat etiquette.

Thus, improving the attitudes of the participants in delivering excellent customer service.

At the end of this certificate program, participants would have:

  • Gained exposure to various international websites to find and secure their dream jobs. 
  • Adopted a consistent, professional communication style when speaking with customers
  • Developed skills in engaging with customers and handling their inquiries effectively. 
  • Practiced how to turn customer complaints into a positive experience. 



Designed for learners with no experience or any level of expertise, each of these modules will take less than 6 minutes to complete and will provide instructions in specific details.virtual customer service course

Upon completion of this course, learners who pass all quizzes successfully will earn a Certificate of Participation to obtain local and international employment.


This curriculum is a 2-hour course that houses 12 different subjects for each session and accompanied by testing the participants.

The course also includes additional learning materials with strategies for building sustainable customer satisfaction.

It covers:

  • Top email tips for better and faster customer support.
  • Ways to effectively manage time to achieve results.
  • Sample text-messages to send to customers.
  • Additional etiquette rules for live-chat success.


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