pink certificate of completion
  • pink certificate of completion
  • pink certificate of completion

Pink Certificate of Completion


Editable Completion of Certificate Template.

Your brand is more than just colours, fonts and a logo. It’s an experience! Customize and print your very own Completion of Certificate with your business name and information.

Edit for FREE in Canva, and print at home or professionally through Canva or another print service! With this template, you can always edit or print multiple times!

No need to download any software. Edit on your phone or laptop.

What this order includes:

► Editable and printable Canva certificate of completion template – 11″ x 8.5″ (A4 Paper)
► Video tutorial on how to edit the template.
► Change text & fonts easily and for FREE via drag and drop editor.

You can go to your local printing shop to have it printed out.

You will receive a link to your Canva template instantly upon purchase. You can edit this template on either your computer or your phone via Canva

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This template is completely editable – EDIT ALL TEXT & COLORS.


female empowerment certificate of completion template

The female boss programmes are now trending. Institutions that run these programs issue the pink certificate of completion template for completing a female empowerment course. The training program inspires women to turn their idea into a side-hustle that makes money. The rise of social media has sprung up opportunities to work from home, with many options like tutoring and virtual assistance to a social media manager. However, most ladies don’t know any better than going to an office every day. A female boss course inspires ideas to flow, inspiring women to launch successful businesses.

Why is this course offered?

To Close the Gender Gap

After giving birth to children, women struggle to get their careers back. From being a new mom to postpartum depression, these setbacks sometimes create the gender earning gap. The female boss workshop usually motivates women to learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills to get their ideas off the ground while staying a home mom. Of course, a successful business will source the woman more money for financial freedom and growth. 

To Curate, Innovate and Grow

The female boss coaching programmes create a community of women entrepreneurs that catalyses innovative thinking and enables them to scale their businesses successfully.

For Fitness Programmes

Coaching aspiring female bosses is essential for women that intend to increase their fitness plans and get into shape. Women who gain some weight due to various factors such as pregnancy could enrol in this training programme and receive certificates for accomplishing these tasks.

Make More Informed Career Decisions

These training certificates pave the way for more valuable career choices. When females take this training, it opens them up to more career opportunities and gives them insight into the right career paths.

therapy certificate of completion

To Gain Confidence in Corporate Settings

The recognition of females in the professional world increases due to granting these certifications. As more female hands are welcome in the corporate setting, there is a willingness to reward the women and their skills after training with these certificates.

To Get Exposure to Patriarchal Societies

Training certificates for female bosses give the female gender more awareness of their value in society, including in male-dominated societies. Females gain more presence in society and get appreciated with these certificates.

pink certificate

Get your customised pink certificate of completion template for your training course.

Purchase now and quickly edit the following items:

  • Brand name
  • Course name
  • The award’s purpose
  • The participant’s name
  • Add the course, module, level or grade.
  • The inclusion of the date awarded and the brand’s logo.
  • The director or person is authorised to sign the certificate. All these details construct the professionalism of the credential.

Then, print at your local print shop and frame!


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