Grade 1 Grammar course for teachers.
  • Grade 1 Grammar course for teachers.

Teach Grade 1 English Grammar Course Effectively



Welcome to the Grade 1 English grammar course. Are you thinking of how to teach a Grade 1 English grammar Course like a pro? 

Our educational system lacks a comprehensive curriculum, and teachers are untrained to teach grammar effectively. Teachers teach based on their capacity and not based on a defined framework. All of these lead to the pupils missing the initial foundation that develops poor speaking and writing skills.

Our outstanding Grade 1 English grammar course collection will make teaching more manageable and comfortable. 

We have a broad array of teaching slides, worksheets, videos, and quizzes on different topics for Grade 1 learners to captivate their student’s attention.

The lessons in our Grade 1 English Grammar Course include:


-Punctuation marks









-Punctuation marks



…with detailed subtopics.

Furthermore, the lessons include: 

  1. Colourful visual aids
  1. Teaching slides
  2. Writing labs
  3. Youtube videos
  1. For our pupils, worksheets and quizzes to practice.

All these teaching methods will assist teachers in teaching grammar, aid in easy learning and captivate the interest of our shining stars.

The ultimate goal is to make our students prolific writers in the future.

Parents and teachers can help Grade 1 learners learn grammar effectively if they:

  • Train themselves by taking the grammar course to refresh their memory.
  • Teach the child English grammar in an interactive and fun way. 
  • Avoid overwhelming the children and stay patient with them as they go through each grammatical topic before moving to the next one.
  • After teaching the topic, allow the child to do their worksheets independently. 
  • Use realistic examples to explain the topics to make them more memorable to the children.
  • Help the child with their difficulties and provide solutions for them.
  • Make learning enjoyable by employing visual aids in teaching the basics before advanced teaching.




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