Grade 1 Homophones Worksheets
  • Grade 1 Homophones Worksheets

Homophones for Grade 1



Homophones are necessary aspects of spelling. They help the child know the different homophone pairs. These fun worksheets educate the child on familiar homophone pairs that are confusing, such as male and mail, right and write, etc. This special bundle includes these:

  • Interesting facts about homophones and their pairs.
  • Effortless recognition of standard homophones pairs and their meanings. 
  • Developing the child’s ability to know when and how to use these homophones in the correct sentence.
  • Fun worksheets to keep the learning child engaged and in tune with learning.


Many children struggle with spelling and tussle more with homophones because they have to differentiate the meanings of these words pronounced similarly. Study our homophones for grade 1 with your students and improve their writing skills.


Homophones sound the same, but we spell them differently. 


  • sea and see 
  • male and mail 
  • night and knight 
  • too and to 
  • right and write

Homophones worksheets

We notice the differences in meaning when we understand the sentence’s situations. In other words, we see how they differ through the purpose of the sentence.

Example 1

  • Michael was right about the incident.
  • She will write the exam tomorrow.

Example 2

  • Are you coming to the park too?
  • Will she go to school today?


How to Teach Homophones

Is your child finding it hard to spell? Then teaching homophones the right way will make spelling easier. These are ways you can use to teach our Grade 1 homophones easily.


  • Make sure to differentiate the spellings of the words from a homophone pair one at a time.
  • Attempt teaching homophones in the context – When using a homophone in a situation. Try to point it out to the child immediately and explain why this homophone is in that context.
  • Use riddles and rhymes to pick the child’s interest in homophones.
  • Identify to your child when a spelling word has a homophone so they can include it in their bucket list.


Homophones worksheet template

Make sure to practice with your students to understand these homophone pairs, their different meanings, and when and how to use them.

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