Email Signature Template with logo & photo! Editable Canva Signature Design. Minimalist, Realtor Marketing, Real Estate, Professional, Gmail

Easily Editable Email Signature Block Template


Send out your emails with a professional touch each time you use our email signature template.

Customize this Canva Email Signature Template to suit personal information within 5 minutes.

  1. Change your brand colors.
  2. Add a picture
  3. Edit your contact details.
  4. Embed your social media links.
  5. Add your brand’s logo

Spice up your emails now and start editing this modern and stylish template for your business or work.

  • One file included with a link to template, easy instructions and video tutorials.
  • Fully editable Canva template file.
  • Easy to customize all colours, texts and graphics.
  • Very easy to use – drag and drop feature.

Kindly note:

  • Basic knowledge of Canva is required but not necessary.
  • Download the video tutorial to guide your steps.


Your purchase licenses you to use this copyrighted branding template for your personal use only without the purpose of reselling. By purchasing this design, you agree and are bound to the copyright agreement.


Assist2hirelearning does not accept returns on her designs. Please contact us if you have any issues/clarifications.


Email Signature Template with logo & photo! Editable Canva Signature Design. Minimalist, Realtor Marketing, Real Estate, Professional, Gmail

For small and large organizations, Gmail has become one of the most popular email solutions. For this reason, office workers, virtual assistants, small and large scale businesses need a stylish, yet simple and easily editable email signature block template to promote their professional identity.

Furthermore, Gmail has evolved from a personal email provider to a popular email source for businesses of all sizes. You enjoy it because all you have to do is open a browser tab, type ‘Gmail’ into it, and you’re good to go.

Reasons to Have an Editable Email Signature Block Template

Here are three reasons why our editable signature block template can help you a lot more than you think.

1. Allows you to be easily recognized

If your signature includes your email address, phone number, website address, and other information, these details will stand out when your email is forwarded. Imagine having to sift through a large email trail to find the identities and email addresses of those involved.

Easily editable Email Signature Block Template

2. It Can Be Used as a Visiting Card

A Gmail signature is similar to a visiting card or business card. It doesn’t just provide your recipients with useful information, it also provides your business contacts, leads, prospects, and other receivers more opportunities to contact you.

Your extended contact details may include your social media pages, website, sales pages and many others.

Email Signature Block Template

3. Credibility is guaranteed

Avoid your email being marked as spam. By convincing your recipients that your email is legitimate, a Gmail signature adds crucial authenticity and credibility.

Easily editable Email Signature Block Template



Your signature block is added below the content of your email. A professional email signature should include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Title or position in your organization
  • Name of your organization
  • Contact details: phone number, email address etc.
  • Social media links (not personal profiles)
  • A company logo
  • A professional photo if relevant to your business or your position.

Email Signature Block Template

By simply putting a face to your name, taking advantage of and using your email signature to engage with people you contact via email will boost your brand’s identity and relationship.

So, do yourself a favour by creating an excellent email signature that will inform anybody you email about how you can help them.

Purchase our easily editable email signature block template. With this template, you can create personal and company-branded, error-free email signatures for new and existing employees for just $3.50.

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