Email Signature Block Template

Editable Email Signature Template for Gmail


Send out your emails with a professional touch each time you use our email signature template.

Customize this Canva Email Signature Template to suit personal information.


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Not included in the listing are featured images, logos and photos.
Basic knowledge of Canva is required but not necessary. Download the video tutorial to guide your steps.
The signature block listing is for a static jpg email signature, not a clickable HTML version.

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Email Signature Block Template

Editable Email Signature Template for Gmail

An email that includes a virtual card containing contact information found below the message box is known as an email signature block. By using our editable email signature template for Gmail, you can create a customised and branded business card.

While the subject of an email has an impact on open rates, a good signature with contact information, social and website links drive visitors to your website and generate leads.

According to the State of Business Email Marketing report, 82 per cent of marketers use email signatures to boost brand awareness and reputation.

Why Do You Need to Use Our Editable Email Signature Template for Gmail?

Although it only takes a few minutes to create an email signature, the benefits of using it in all of your interactions are numerous.

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit:

Communicates Professionalism

When you initially contact someone, they have no idea who you are or the narrative of your message. The reader also has no idea if they can trust your message as well.

However, if an email includes a digital business card, it can serve as proof that you’re legitimate.

It also demonstrates that you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a genuine business owner with many clients and followers. You’re much more likely to get a response when people can see your contact information, website, and social media links.

Allows Direct Access

Contact information is an excellent way to advance your relationship with the recipient. In your email, you can work your magic through a well-communicated message to build trust and then turn a lead into a customer or even a committed business partner.

Builds Social Media Connection and Trust

A personalised email signature block directs prospective clients to your social media accounts. On your social media account, they can view detailed information about your products or services, read reviews and stay part of your tribe. Swiftly, customers become glued to your offering on social, and you never know they can purchase if they are happy with what they see on your social media accounts.

Increases Brand Awareness

Consistent exposure to your logo and brand colours in emails helps to build trust and relationships. Who wouldn’t want to do business with a brand they recognise? I will. That’s is why our editable signature allows you to customise your brand colours and logo. So that, your customers recognise you for what you do.

Elements of an Email Signature Block Template

Here are some of the most important details to include in your email signature:

Full Name 

Your first and last names should appear first in a professional signature. This informs the receiver of the sender’s identity.

Department and Job Title

Include your company information after you’ve identified yourself so that it’s clear what position you have within the organization you’re representing. This can include your job title, the organization’s name, or even your department’s name.

Secondary Contact Details

This may include your phone number, company phone number, alternative email address.

Include Your Social Media Icons /Links

Linked social network icons allow recipients to learn more about you and your company. For you, this could mean expanding your network of connections and followers on social media, as well as amplifying your effect. Because icons are 80 per cent more prominent than text links, choosing the most effective websites can help you increase conversions.

Include a Call to Action

Because emails are utilized as marketing tools, it’s only natural to include a call to action in your signature. Keep it clean and basic, and make sure it matches the style of your email, so it doesn’t look like another sales pitch.

Brand Logo or Personal Photo

Using photos to add a personal touch to your email signature is the easiest way to go. You can use a professional photo, for example, to make communication feel more natural. Adding your company’s logo, on the other hand, can help raise brand awareness.

Email Signature Block Template

What are you still waiting for? Boost brand awareness and reputation each time you send out an email.

Purchase our email signature block template for just $5.50 today!


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