Email Signature Block Template

Editable Signature Block Template for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs


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Email Signature Block Template

Over 269 billion emails are sent and received every day. Despite the emergence of social media, email is still the most used method of corporate communication. Surprisingly, a large number of people do not use email signatures as part of their overall brand management strategy. Our editable email signature block template for job seekers, professionals and business owners makes it easy to create your branded signature block within minutes.

An email signature is a simple way to advertise and protect your brand while breaking through the inbox congestion. In other words, a well-customized email signature can aid in total engagement, conversions, and sales.

Advantages of Using an Email Signature in Your Emails

Here are three advantages of utilizing email signatures to increase the efficiency of your company’s email:

Brand alignment and consistency

The email signature secures your professional reputation. It sets the tone and ensures that your recipients know what your brand is about in a simple, easy, and consistent manner. You need to ensure that every member of staff adheres to the brand guidelines.

Email Signature Block Template

Campaigns and Promotions

A well-designed email signature is a great tool to advertise your most recent campaign or promotion – and build brand credibility.
Email signatures are a simple, quick, and effective way to notify consumers and partners about new promotions or discounts, special marketing initiatives, or other business developments.

Email Signature Block Template

Easy Connection With Your Clients

Email signatures that are well-designed can make it easy for recipients to contact you. Whether it’s a potential buyer with a product query, a new client with a support or service issue, or a partner looking to expand her product offering, an email signature makes for them to contact you easily.

Email Signature Block Template

Rules to Follow When Creating Your Email Signature

Here are the top 3 business email etiquette standards to follow if you want to make a good impression on your business contacts:

  • Don’t use CAPITALS for everything.

When you write in capital letters, it appears as if you’re yelling your message at your recipient. This can come across as hostile. If the email is critical, think about other options for communicating your message. The use of capital letters can elicit a negative reaction and anger the recipient.

Email Signature Block Template

  • When using acronyms or emoticons, be cautious.

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and BRB (Be Right Back) should be reserved for text messages with your friends rather than in the workplace. Some people may also be unfamiliar with these abbreviations. They may also appear unprofessional. When sending someone an email, it’s usually best to say exactly what you intend.

  • Use a professional email account.

Keep in mind that every email you send represents your firm. When sending work-related emails, you should never utilize a personal email account. Consider what a client would think if they discovered your college email address. Would you want to conduct business with someone who emailed you using the address “party-monster@”?

Email signatures, when used appropriately, may have a significant impact on your marketing efforts as well as your financial line.

What are you still waiting for? Create your email signature like a PRO! Purchase our editable email signature block template for job seekers, professionals and business owners.

With this template, you can create personal and company-branded, error-free email signatures for new and existing employees for just $3.50.

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