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  • Easter Invitation Card Template

Editable Easter Card Template


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Easter is here! Here comes joy with its magical realm with the hints of spring, the bloom of flowers, and the bunny coming out from its hiding place. You’ll find 20 Easter Quotes to add to your editable Easter card template in this article.

The feast of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and takes place on Sunday, coming after the first full moon after the northern spring equinox. It celebrates the close of lent, recollecting the time Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before beginning his ministry. This is when we reminisce about the sacrifices he made for humankind and the absolute love he showed. This unrelenting love demonstrates the love we should have for one another.

With these quotes, you can grasp the genuine excitement of Easter and showcase its true meaning. 

Of course, don’t forget to include one of these 20 Easter Quotes to add to your Editable Easter Card Template.

  • Thank you, Father! Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! Even in life’s darkest hour, he is the tremendous conqueror, and death has no control over Him.
  • He paid the price on the sacrificial cross for you and me for the pardon of our sins and guilt. Being that it was during Easter when Jesus Christ rewrote humanity’s story.
  • Jesus came to make God’s love evident, not possible.
  • Easter commemorates an event that established Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah. He was God manifested in the flesh, and he came to save us. As a result, he had no choice except to sacrifice himself for us.
  • After a long winter, the globe is reawakening. Easter is a time to rejoice!
  • How can you refuse to forgive someone else if Jesus pardoned those who crucified Him to the cross and if God forgives you and me?
  • Easter is the reason we keep going.
  • Easter is today! It implies for everyone and everything; this is a season of regeneration.
  • Easter is significant to me because it represents a new beginning.
  • For Christians, Easter is the most sacred day of the year. It’s a time for family get-togethers to commemorate their faith and the arrival of Spring.
  • He has risen. These words have the power to erase all of the pain and loss of previous days. They have the power to transform your life.
  • We will no longer give in to our anxieties and doubts but will instead tell one another, “Indeed, he has risen: so, let our hearts be happy.”
  • May the Easter blessings be with you.
  • Easter greetings! On this day, we honour our Saviour Jesus for standing up for us and taking the punishment we deserved. It wasn’t a sacrifice, though; it was a triumph!
  • Warm greetings for a wonderful Easter. May your future be as brilliant as the first day of spring.
  • I wish you a joyful Easter filled with all the joys of the universe.
  • We don’t remain in a day when death seems to have triumphed. Three days later, we live in the present day. Easter is how we refer to it.
  • Lent is the season of the desert when we journey into the depths of the spirit in searching for the living water that believers will celebrate at Easter.
  • The plot revolves around his self-sacrifice. However, this is not the end of the narrative. The Lord’s resurrection is history’s most wonderful and victorious event.
  • The grace of God pours freely to all who acknowledge their sins and embrace God’s quick healing during the Lenten and Easter seasons.

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