Editable DIY Highlight Cover Template
  • How to Add Covers to Your Highlights

DIY Instagram Highlight Icon Covers for Your Instagram Page


Use these highlight covers to WOW your customers and let them know what your page is all about at a glance!

You can also customize this highlight cover template to suit your brand details.


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Editable DIY Highlight Cover Template

DIY Instagram Highlight Icon Covers for Your Instagram Page

“Creating customized Instagram highlight covers make your highlights stand out and flow with your brand identity on Instagram.”


Because your highlights are displayed prominently on your Instagram profile, they’re ideal for introducing new visitors to your brand. 

Instagram Stories Highlights can stay on your page indefinitely, unlike stories that disappear after 24hours.

Also, they’re like curated compilations of Instagram Stories that your existing and new followers can access and watch at any time.

Thanks to their prominent position just beneath your bio and above your Instagram feed, it’s also the ideal spot to drive followers to your most valuable and fascinating offers and services.

Importance of Instagram Highlights

The Highlights function is very beneficial for community managers and digital marketers. It allows them to save important story videos or picture posts for future followers to see at any time.

Here are some reasons why you should use Instagram Highlights. They include:

  1. Make your old stories available to new followers by informing them about past activities shared in the stories.
  2. Showcase your items or services in a logical and organized manner.
  3. Provide a library of relevant content (offers, discounts, contact details, reviews, and many others) that can positively influence your buyers’ decisions.

How to Add Covers to Your Highlights

Tips for Creating Instagram Highlight Covers that Stand Out on Your Feed

  1. Use bold icons and text to emphasize your highlights.
  2. Use your brand colours.
  3. Showcase the product/services you offer.


How can I add Instagram Highlights icons or covers to my profile?

This tutorial will show you how to edit your highlights covers without sharing them in a story.

Ensure you save the cover pictures to your phone’s camera roll before proceeding with the steps below:

  1. To edit a highlight, go to your profile and hold your finger over the highlight.


  1. Select Edit Highlights 


  1. Add a title if you desire.

How to Add Covers to Your Highlights

  1. Then click Edit Cover.

How to Add Covers to Your Highlights

  1. Select a picture from your camera roll.
  2. Click on done!

That’s it! You now have your highlight covers for your Instagram page!

In conclusion, Instagram highlights help brands catch the attention of their followers and engage with them better. So, maximize its use by creating eye-catching covers to make them stand out on your feed.

What are you still waiting for?

WOW your customers and page visitors with our easily editable templates.

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