business thank you card template
  • business thank you card template

Thank You Card Template for E-commerce


thank you card for e-commerce business thank you card template




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Business thank you card template – save picture, share and be ahead of everyone!

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This card that won’t get lost or thrown away, if you send the card to anybody they will always have it.

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This item is a self-edited digital template with professional, modern and minimalist style, which is easily customizable with your information and branding via online directly in your browser using your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Computer is recommended!

This is a Canva template.

Simple, easy to use platform. No need to download any software, fonts, or wait for proofs.


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Fully customizable design in horizontal and vertical format
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-A6 (6×4 Inches)

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  • Edit ALL text
  • Text can be edited for wording, font style, brand color, size and placement or you can delete the completely.
  • Move, delete, and add text boxes
  • Upload your own photos, add your business logo anywhere on the card – just drag and drop
  • Add your social profile, website clickable links to your digital card.

Clickable links will only work on messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc.


Change size and orientation


Businesses are under pressure to prove that they care about their customers. Small and large companies now use the thank you card template for e-commerce to thank their customers for their loyalty.

According to surveys, 68% of customers will take their money elsewhere if they feel a business does not appreciate their patronage. 

Companies that provide a delightful client experience can gain consumer loyalty and carve out a niche in their sector.

Do you want to please your customers while also generating additional leads? Sending thank-you messages is one of the simplest methods to accomplish this.

A thank-you message is an effective model to show gratitude to customers and boost customer loyalty.

You can also use it to cross-sell or upsell your products, services, or content.

With this in mind, let’s look at some business thank you card samples to help you get started.

Thank You for Coming

After a sale, businesses send ‘thank you for coming cards’ to their customers.

Unlike thank you cards for orders, the thank you for coming cards can be delivered to clients at any moment throughout the post-purchase stage. 

You can add a discount code on the cards to entice new and old customers to buy the product or service they initially didn’t buy.

Thank you for your patronage.

Organizations that provide services, such as human resource firms, law firms, and others, may not sell physical items to customers. Still, they can easily earn their loyalty by preparing “thank you for your business” cards.

Thank You for Your Order

Do not abandon a customer who has made an online purchase.

Instead of sending a generic order confirmation email, try injecting some life into your brand voice by sending a thank you for your order card to the customer.

Customize our thank you card template for e-commerce today to retain your customers.

Personalize your thank you card with your logo and change other details to suit your company’s objectives. Don’t waste time. Purchase now!


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