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Adjectives are integral parts of speech. They help the child know different descriptions for a noun, and adjectives help with this. These fun worksheets enlighten the child on various adjectives such as large, small, dry etc. This special bundle include these:

  • Interesting facts about homophones and their synonyms and antonyms.
  • Effortless recognition of basic adjectives and how they describe nouns. 
  • Developing the child’s ability to know when and how to use these adjectives.
  • Fun worksheets to keep the learning child engaged and in tune with learning.




Do you know that Adjectives help nouns a lot? We always feel the need to provide more details about the nouns we mention, and adjectives help us with this. Teach your pupils with our Grade 1 Adjectives.


Adjectives are parts of speech that describe nouns. They typically appear before the nouns they describe:

  • Pretty lady.
  • Small boy.
  • Brown dog.

(The words in bold are adjectives!)


When we say that adjectives describe nouns, we mean that they explain people, animals, places, or things. 


Adjectives about people – pretty, small.

Adjectives about animals – cute, fast.

Adjectives about places – noisy, magical.

Adjectives about things – rotten, sharp.

Identifying adjectives worksheets template

Also, adjectives describe the colour, size, shape, type, and number of something.

Adjectives describing colour – Pink flowers.

Adjectives describing size – Big dog.

Adjectives describing shape – Circular ball.

Adjectives describing type – Sharp blade.

Adjectives describing number – Three kittens.

How to Identify Adjectives

Adjectives always describe nouns.

  • The boys took the blue balls to the field.

(Here, the nouns in the sentence are boys, balls, and field)


The noun that has a word describing it is balls which is blue.

Therefore, blue is an adjective.

  • The restaurant has a very big kitchen.

The nouns in the sentence are restaurant and kitchen. We see that kitchen has more description with “big”, making “big” an adjective. “Very” cannot be an adjective because it is not describing the noun “kitchen” but the adjective “big”).

Identifying Adjectives worksheets template


Comparisons in Adjectives

There are comparisons in adjectives!


  • This is a small boy.

So, if one sees a bigger boy, one can say:

  • This is a smaller boy.

Smaller compares two nouns.


One adds “-er” to adjectives to show the comparison of two nouns.


Adjectives comparing people – fatter, taller, bigger.

  • Gerald is taller than his cousin.

Adjectives comparing animals – faster, smaller, longer.

  • A snake is longer than a worm.

Adjectives comparing places – crowdier, louder, busier.

  • The gym is busier than the library.

Adjectives comparing things – bigger, hotter, sweeter.

  • The pen is bigger than the pencil.

Comparisons in Adjectives worksheets template


When comparing three or more nouns, we include “-est” to adjectives to show the most of certain things – fastest, biggest, sweetest.

  • The sweetest chocolate is white chocolate!


The adjectives good and bad explain nouns.

  • The cake is good.
  • That is a bad apple.


The adjectives better and worse show how two nouns are different.

  • The cake is better than the pudding.
  • That watermelon is worse than the apple.


The adjectives best and worst explain how three or more nouns are different.

  • Cake is the best snack ever.
  • Watermelon is the worst fruit in the fridge.



Synonyms and Antonyms of Adjectives


We refer to synonyms as words that have the same meaning.

  • Large – Big

Large and Big mean the same thing even though they are different words.

  • Fast – Quick

Synonyms and Antonyms of Adjectives worksheets template


Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning.

  • Big – Small

Here, Big is the opposite of small.

  • Wet- Dry


Our Grade 1 adjectives bundle worksheets help your child know more descriptive words. With consistent practice, they become geniuses! 

Purchase our adjectives for grade 1 worksheets today and help your child know all about Grade 1 nouns.

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