A Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation
  • A Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation

Cute Bunny Birthday Templates


A Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation 2A Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation 3

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A Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation 6

Digital Bunny Birthday Invitation

Hi there! Welcome to ASSIST2HIRE DESIGN!

Within 5 minutes, purchase, edit, and send digital bunny birthday invitation templates.

Our designs are a quick, affordable & eco-friendly way to send your design templates to your family, friends and loved ones.


Tutorial on how to edit your templates using your phone and computer.


  • Purchase your desired template and follow the download instructions.
  • You will receive an email.
  • Edit your template, save and download your PNG file.
  • Send it out as a picture to your contacts via messenger like WhatsApp, Telegram or attached to a text message (email).


  • 1080 by 1920 (iPhone).
  • 1080 by 2340 (Samsung) (Recommended size for all phones)


Note that the purchase is not refundable but if you have any questions regarding your purchase, feel free to contact us.


  • You may send it as many times as you want for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.
  • Commercial use of my templates or designs is not permitted at any time.
  • There is no allowance for the files to be re-created or changed for a new purpose or altered from the intended use.
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NOTE: This is a DIGITAL FILE only and not a physical print. However, you can share it as many times as you like.

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Looking for wishes to render to your cute bunny human? Haha! Go through our 30 cute bunny birthday templates and gift your special someone!

  • Wishing you a day as cute and bouncy as a bunny! Happy birthday.

bunny birthday template card

  • Dear Bunny, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday.
  • Have a day glistening with radiance and joy. Happy birthday, Bunny.
  • Happy birthday, cutie. May a million lamps shine brightly in your life, bringing you unlimited joy, happiness, health, and fortune.
  • There are just too many smiles, memories and hugs. Happy birthday, dear Bunny.
  • Happy birthday, Bunny. May the joy and love you spread in history find its way back to you.
  • Warm greetings for a pleasant and happy life. Happy birthday pretty Bunny!
  • Make sure to glow like a bunny in the light. Enjoy your day!

bunny birthday template card

  • I’m your genie for today; wish away! My Bunny, happy birthday.
  • Always know some bunny loves you, and that bunny is me! You sure will have a bunny birthday.
  • Wishing you bunny wishes. Bounce and have a fun day!
  • Snuggle Bunny, happy birthday! Jump over here and accept this unique gift.
  • Hoppy birthday! Hop, hop and be happy!

bunny birthday template card

  • Happy birthday, baby bunny! Have a day as endearing as you are.
  • I hope some bunny gave you flowers! Have a sweet-scented day!
  • You’re so adorable as a bunny! Happy birthday.
  • Eat lots of carrots today! Haha! Happy birthday, cutie bunny!
  • The birthday bunny has arrived! Let’s prance together and give you a jolly day.
  • Another birthday, another brown bunny! Yipee!
  • It’s been charming seeing you from frolic the whole place! Hope you have a hoppy day!
  • Stop looking for your things over and over! Of course, you can’t; you’re such a bunny. Have a good day.
  • Sending you bunny hugs and kisses! Happy birthday.
  • The bunnies brought you lettuce! Add it to your carrots. Have a veggie birthday!
  • We are so taking a lot of bunny selfies today! We will hop till our feet hurts! Happy birthday!

bunny birthday template card

  • Lettuce have fun! Prance around, and don’t stop! Birthday greetings!
  • Hope you have no more bad hair days! Haha! Happy birthday, Hunny bunny!
  • Ensure to receive birthday hugs from your birthday bunneh! Hippy ya yeh!
  • A little bunny told me it was your birthday. Jump, jump, jump all the way!
  • Your birthday is here! Is that a grey hare I see? Don’t lose it, haha! 
  • When life gives you birthdays, gather carrots! Happy birthday funny bunny!

Customise your cute bunny birthday templates and edit with 5 minutes with Canva. No need to download any software.

What you can change on your card:

  • Name
  • Birthday message
  • Age
  • Address
  • RVSP details

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